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Wnet - is:

  • national IP-operator of Ukraine, which successfully operates in the markets of Ukraine, Europe and CIS
  • the transport network with a length of over 2,500 km, covering more than 40 cities of Ukraine
  • Wnet ™ network connected with the largest traffic exchange points in Europe and Russia by Nx10G independent channels
  • the total capacity of the interconnections with the leading operators networks exceeds 100 Gbps
  • 9 regional offices and the main office in Kyiv
  • 2 own Data Centers Tier II and Tier III level
  • monitoring and technical support 24/7/365

Working with us

How can you became a member of the Wnet Team?
It's simple! All you need is to answer one question: Are you willing to accept and support our principles?


Be proactive!
We strive to be the first in everything, so we are proud of our dedication to innovation and experimentation. We are willing to take risks, to provide unique new products and services.


Strive for knowledge!
We constantly strive to knowledge and open new areas of business, we are not afraid to give up inefficient operations and create challenging projects.


Set ambitious objectives!
Our experience, knowledge and skills, and most importantly real actions aimed at achieving these goals allow us to implement the most daring and bold plans. Our ambition is a consequence of the constant need for success for both each employee and the whole company.


Be honest!
We follow the only correct approach to the business - honesty and openness. Honesty with yourself, clients, colleagues and partners.
If you choose our philosophy as well, than Wnet Team is waiting for you!


Wnet Vacancies can be found here:


Wnet vacancies:

If you did not find a suitable job, but want to join the Wnet Team - submit your resume to job@wnet.ua. We are ready to open new vacancies/opportunities for talented professionals.


History of the company

  • defining a new development strategy. "Story. Standards. Result "- the three pillars of Wnet ideology.
  • launching new offices in Vinnytsia and Poltava
  • opening of the new representative office in Lviv, start of the Kyiv-Lviv backbone network construction and first customers connection in new region
  • launching own Data Center in downtown Kyiv. Modern data processing center was put into operation on 1 September 2013
  • opening of the new HQ office in Kyiv and the company's expansion to the new regions of Ukraine - Kharkiv, Donetsk and Simferopol
  • Wnet celebrates 10 years
  • more than 1,000 km of urban fiber-optic networks were built
  • national IP/MPLS-network of more than 1,500 km across the territory of Ukraine
  • services are available in 28 major cities of Ukraine
  • the number of customers among companies and organizations exceeds 1,000
  • more than 100 Internet service providers chose Wnet
  • more than 500 channels were organized in foreign points of traffic exchange
  • Wnet sets a new standard in the market of dedicated optical channels thanks to own extensive fiber-optic network
  • launch of the first business processes in the enterprise information system
  • launch of the first version of the unified corporate information system (billing/CRM/ERP)
  • opening of the new regional office in Odesa, start of the Kyiv-Odesa backbone network construction and first customers connection in new region
  • the change of strategy, entering the corporate clients market
  • opening of offices in Dnipropetrovsk, the construction of the backbone network and connection of the first customers
  • Wnet was the first who change to the world model of relations between operators, by sensational exit of the UA-IX
  • new policy of active support for content generating resources – «European colocation» tariff
  • Wnet is first in Ukraine who start paying to customers for the traffic generation
  • Virtual Colocation was introduced in Ukraine for the first time by Wnet
  • Wnet Company was established.
  • Wnet ™ was founded in 1999 as a vertically integrated holding company, and during this time, it took its rightful place among the leaders in the telecommunications market of Ukraine. Wnet provides a range of services to large corporate customers, government agencies, service providers and telecommunications operators, small and medium-sized businesses.



They trust us



Every year, Wnet is organizing an international conference on the Red Sea coast.

Thanks to the gentle sun and warm sea, relaxing and communicating with colleagues and clients gives us strength and enthusiasm for the next year.

MASTER CLASS FOR STUDENTS OF Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

On November 1, 2018, on the basis of the department of infocommunication engineering for the students of the group TKi-15-1, which are studying in English on the specialty Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, within the framework of laboratory work on discipline "Guiding Systems of Optical

Wnet became DE-CIX accredited partner

Wnet became an official accredited partner of DE-CIX international company.

Wnet and Lattelecom present Wnet Cloud

National IP and telecom operator Wnet and Latvian provider Lattelecom present Wnet Cloud.

Wnet continues cooperation with Lattelecom

Wnet continues strategic cooperation with the Latvian operator Lattelecom in the segment of cloud resources.

Wnet congratulates Journalists

June 6th in Ukraine is known to be the Day of the journalist.

Wnet presented awards to the best employees

Our management and staff noticed the achievements of our team.

Wnet provided internet to the oldest hotel

Starting with the first half of Spring Wnet became an official provider of one of the best hotels in Lviv.