Our financial sector customers value Wnet for a reliable service and guaranteed quality. Full SLA compliance allows IT departments of financial companies to confidently manage corporate telecommunication networks.

All technical support requests are handled by experts who possess the necessary qualifications and access.

For Banks and Insurance Companies:

This list of services is not complete and is constantly expanding. Digital transformation stimulates the growth of financial and insurance companies. The rise of new products expands the circle of users of business applications and possible ways to service them.


The digital format of customer interaction has become the main one. IT departments in the financial industry are facing new challenges, to provide access from various devices and from anywhere to IT systems that were previously inaccessible from external networks. We help to solve problems related to the preparation of network and IT architecture to connect anything, anywhere.


Wnet provides services that meet regulatory requirements, help lower operating costs, and cover security concerns. With Wnet you will find an IT partner who will help overcome challenges and benefit from every opportunity.