A unique service delivery system that will help develop client’s business

Jim Dooley

Chief Operating Officer

The main goal of our team is to clearly define the problem and find the best solution. We deeply immerse ourselves in the client’s work processes, involve the expertise of qualified personnel and the well-developed methodology embedded in the system. 


While creating a service we ensure it will be the most effective at the time of provision and will secure the development of the client’s business in the future. This helps build long-term partnerships.


Clients interact with managers with experience in IT and telecommunications as well as industry expertise, most of whom have been working in the company for 5-10 years. They rely on methodology and a systematic approach, and not on the matter of chance. We have developed and are tracking key performance indicators —  the KPI of each manager, to help them reach their full potential.


Our proprietary IT system automates business processes and requires compliance with standards created throughout many years of experience. It helps to stay focused on achieving goals and solving client’s problems.


I see the goal of our work in establishing a long and trusting relationship with customers. We strive to become partners and associates, build and optimize IT and telecom infrastructure, and contribute to the development of their business. In order to achieve this, we constantly accumulate and generalize experience, monitor trends in local markets and around the world.